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Lecture Capture: Panopto

Cal Poly Classroom Technologies provides support as available for faculty and staff utilization of Panopto, a software based, lecture capture application. This application resides on the user's laptop which supports in-class, ad-hoc or planned recordings anywhere, anytime. iOS platforms are supported.

The Panopto application supports the recording of a presenter's computer PowerPoint or Keynote presentations plus the presenter's voice from a microphone. Optionally, it is also possible to record the desktop screen (screen capture), and the presenter's image, whiteboard, chalkboard or other physical information from a camera. The Panopto Recorder software is available for both Macs and PCs.

Panopto recordings ("sessions") are first captured on your host computer. At the end of the recording if the host is online, the recording is immediately uploaded to the server for access via a website. If the host is offline the session will be uploaded to our server when network access is next available. The recording remains on the host computer until manually deleted.

Through our campus Panopto website ( users can:

  • rename sessions,
  • make simple edits,
  • create links for PolyLearn (Moodle) and privileges for viewing,
  • attach pdf documents,
  • download the recordings as mp3’s, podcasts, etc., and review viewing statistics
  • …and so much more

There is no charge for Panopto use by Cal Poly faculty or staff.  If captions of audio portions of the recordings are required, there is a charge for captioning services.  Conveniently, recorded sessions may be captioned automatically at any time with a single click. 

Please contact us for more information or browse some of the recordings available on the Panopto website.

Contact Pete Woodworth for more information about using Panopto at Cal Poly.