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Equipment Reservation and Checkout Policies

Equipment Checkout Authorization System

Introduced in Spring Quarter, 2012, this web-based version of our Authorization form is easier, faster, more secure, and consumes no paper. Select the appropriate link below to get started. Remember, this is not a reservation—to ensure availability, equipment should still be reserved in advance at one of the two Media Resource Centers.

Faculty Initiated

Faculty select the class they wish to authorize for equipment checkout, select the equipment, and submit the form to CT.

Student Initiated

Students can select the course they’re enrolled in, select the equipment they need, and submit the form to their professor for approval.  Once the professor approves, the form will be forwarded to CT.

Authorization for Student Clubs and Instructionally-Related Activities

  • Review the Use of Equipment Policy for information about student clubs and activities.
  • Contact an CT staff member (756-6765) regarding equipment use for campus Club related activities.