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University-Scheduled Smart Rooms

Smart Classrooms are equipped with a ceiling mounted data/video projector and/or large flat-panel displays, and an SP Controls Smart Panel or audio video controller. They are designed for the simple and direct connection of your laptop computer for the presentation of courseware, as well as Internet access. Please review Things You May Need below to ensure you have everything necessary when using a Smart room.

  • Use the Classroom Finder to view all CT supported classrooms, room layout, and specific room equipment.

Kids watching a video

Equipment in Smart Rooms

  • Data/video projector (1024x768 resolution) or Flat-panel display (16:9 Aspect Ratio)
  • Audio Video Controller or Smart Panel control box
  • DVD/VCR Player - * Please note the following rooms do not have DVD/VCR players:
    • 06-124
    • 52-E27
    • 192-106
    • Building 180 Smart rooms
  • PC/Windows based computer with DVD player are installed in the following rooms:
    • 180-101
    • 52-E27
    • 192-106
  • Overhead transparency projector
  • Screen
  • Wired and wireless connectivity

Things You May Need (not provided)

  • Mini Audio Cable - if you want to play media content with audio from your laptop, iPad or other mobile device. Purchase for $5 or checkout from CT
  • Mac VGA Adapter - if you use a Mac laptop or iPad with any projector or external display. Purchase from bookstore or other retailer ~$30 (highly recommended, that way you'll always have it!) or check-out from Classroom Technologies.